We are now fully in a promoter economy where the most effective form of selling entertainment content, is empowering  your existing customers to rate TV, film and PPV content straight from their smartphone and distribute their ratings to their communities through their social media profiles, see below screenshots.

When people pick up their phone now, they head straight to social media, looking at what those close to them are buying, watching and doing.

As demonstrated by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, giving users their own profile empowers them to put the time and effort into providing quality content in a rating.

These ratings can then be used to generate decent volumes of high quality potential customers of a similar demographic, whom already have an appetite for engaging and buying content, which has already been rated by someone known to them.

Acquiring RatingsBy will allow an entertainment content provider to transform their existing audience into a low cost, effective and substantial sales resource to drive TV, film and PPV sales and lock out competitors.

We now invite offers for the RatingsBy brand which can be acquired as a standalone brand or together with a fully operational mobile app.

1. Selling On-Demand Content

2. Acquiring Sport PPV Buys

3. Acquiring Movie PPV Buys

4. Selling Cinema Tickets

5. Selling DVD / Blu-Ray Media

6. Selling Event Tickets

7. Social Media Search

8. Social Media Share


9. Desktop View